children born in Britain

In Austria, a man, his wife, and their six young children were living in an empty wine cellar. None of the kids were older than five, and they were all born in the United Kingdom.

The 54-year-old person is being looked into because he or she hit social services with pepper spray and disobeyed state authority outside the illegal hideout in the small village of Orbritz.

Local media said that the unknown person was connected to conspiracy theorist groups and people who didn’t like the Austrian government. When the social workers ran away, the person followed them, and that’s when the social workers called the police.

The person, who was said to be from Austria but worked in the UK, locked himself in the basements, which he had reportedly bought from a business in the UK.

After the police broke into the house and caught the man, they found guns in the cellar where the family of eight was hiding.

The family lived in the cellar for “many months.”

After the prosecution decided that he didn’t pose a threat to the children, he was let out of jail on Thursday evening. The police are looking into whether or not the gun owners are real.

The vaults had been remodeled to make them more pleasant, and surveillance cameras had been put up. However, the local government said that the vaults were not clean enough for children and that they should not be used.

The house had doors, windows, running water, and electricity, but it wasn’t clear how long the man, his wife, who was in her forties, and their seven-month-old to five-year-old children had lived there.

The police said they had a strong feeling that the family had been living in the cellars for the past few months. During the two weeks before, there had been a number of complaints about the family.

Erich Greil, the deputy mayor, said to the local media, “The surveillance cameras in front of the cellar were especially annoying, and people sometimes heard children’s voices in the basement, but as soon as they got close, everything went quiet.”

He said that the person, who he described as “normal” and “smart,” had bought between three and five cellars in the area.

Mr. Greil said, “He told me once that he has 10 kids and that he wants a cellar for each of them.” “The city or town is in charge of making the contracts. Residents, on the other hand, are not allowed to use the vaults for anything.

There are worries that the Josef Fritzl case could come up again.

When the youth welfare officers heard the children’s voices near the cellars, they tried to stop another situation like the one with Josef Fritzl from happening again.

Fritzl, an Austrian, locked his daughter in a basement dungeon for 24 years. During that time, she gave birth to seven of Fritzl’s children.

According to police officials who spoke with The Telegraph, there was no evidence that the children who were found in the cellar in the town of less than 500 people in Lower Austria had been sexually abused in any way.

Hollabrunn District Governor Karl-Josef Weiss said that the kids were neither ignored nor locked up. They were checked out at the hospital, where their mother was with them.

After the kids were found, they were put in foster care because it was impossible to find out who they were.

Austrian law says that births must be registered with the government, but the officials were unable to find any records for the children.

The parents said it was because their children were born in England. Up until now, it has been hard to figure out who they are, and it is not known if they are citizens of the United Kingdom or not.

After it was said that the man was part of the “Right-wing scene,” local media reported that the person had ties to the “Reichsburger” movement. However, police sources said that these reports were not true.

Reichsburger is a small group in Austria that thinks the government has been taken over by big business and is not legitimate because of this.

In Germany, Reichsburgers were arrested last year for planning a stupid coup to bring back the German monarchy. The goal of the coup was to bring back the German monarchy.

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